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Patch conundrum

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so i ran into the npc bug and started to research it, and found out a patch had actually been released very recently.  the links on the obsidian site are for backers, otherwise it says steam, origin, and gog host the patch. 


i got my copy from amazon on disc, and it didn't come with any purchase code that i can find.  it's called the "bonus edition" of which i can find no real record.  it's on my steam account, but only as a shortcut, so it won't let me access any content there for the game.


is there any place that the patch is hosted as a simple download? 

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i hope so too as i am very much a legit copy kind of guy.  when the disc was loading it did say upgrading to patch 3.03 (?) or something like that.  now i am having trouble getting to the second floor of brighthollow.

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