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Recharging discarded cards



Hi guys, new to forum but not to pathfinder, I'm a big fan. I'd like to know why in pathfinder adventures when a creature, etc makes me discard a card without using the ability on card, it lets me recharge it. I find this an aweful lot. In the rule book it states that only if you used an ability on the card can you recharge it if able. Any recommendations on this or is it a bug?


The cajun

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Normally that doesn't happen, unless stated by the card. For example, discarding a spell, that you could normally recharge after use, due to combat damage will not let you recharge it. When Lini discards an ally due to combat damage, she's not given an option to recharge it either, because you didn't play it. But a card like Sihedron Medallion clearly states that "after playing this card, <...> recharge it".

Do you remember which card(s) it was?

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