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Thassilonian Sins: Mission not granted success



I recently played through Thassilonian Sins on Legendary with Meri, Harsk, Lem, Seelah, Amiri and Seoni. Version on an iPad.


All locations were closed except for Shimmering Veils and Vault of Greed. Amiri was at Ravenous Crypts, Harsk was at Vault of Greed, and everybody else was at Shimmering Veils.


The only villain remaining was Azaven, who showed up at Shimmering Veils, and faced off against Seelah. Harsk temp-closed his location, and Seelah beat upon Azaven, with some help from everybody else. I cheer, because I finally beat Thassilonian Sins on legendary!


But, after a few recharges, the game didn't declare success, it moved on to Amiri's turn??? I took her to visit Harsk, who was at the only unclosed location. We'd killed a simulacrum there earlier and were down to the last few cards. I pulled out a magic spy glass, and there was some diseased rats and a wayfinder left, but that was it. I didn't have enough turns left to close this last location, and received a mission failure.



I suspect that there was some strange interaction of the location power at the Shimmering Veils with the mission end condition. Shimmering Veils seems to be really very buggy, and it makes this particular mission really difficult!

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