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Funny/interesting conversations

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I know this isn't really about "Character Builds & Strategies"; I guess it would be more at home in the "General Discussion" subforum, but that one is explicitly meant to be spoiler-free, yet this topic might have at least some spoiler potential so I decided to put it here...


I have noticed that there are sometimes funny or otherwise interesting interactions between the characters in your party in the "cutscenes" of Story Mode. Even allies you happen to have in your decks sometimes chip in, affecting the conversations in some way.


A prime example would be the bickering between Valeros and Lem in scenario 3 with the puns about the "dam ogres" (which is quite frankly hilarious), or Shalelu having a lot to say to the other rangers in the same scenario if you have her as an ally.


I'm looking for any other examples that people may have found where the composition of your party (or decks) leads to interesting twists in the conversations.

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