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[WM Part II ending] NameError

Hassat Hunter


Rather insignificant issue, though it kinda puts a domper on what has to be an epic ending of the DLC, instead turning into a bit of a laughing stock...




Sacrifice: The Ogres, then used 2 spells (first Grieving Mother, then Kana).




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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Narf, needs update of the questeditor for the expansions, this conversation makes heavy use of px2 features and is quite complex, nothing to easily gasp with 19k lines of xml.

But in theory you should no be able to see this page of the scripted interaction, when not sacrificing a party member.

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This thing is huge! Did the needed updates.

The selected characters did not help as the conversation/ scripted interaction is complete indirect and only calls them by slot.


14, 16, 52, 56, 58,

Spell Select Hub: (59, 61,86)

Caster Select Hubs: (62, 82, 87)

Caster Result: (72, 83, 111)

88 (Cast or no cast, all goes here), 91, 94, 113?!, 114, 115, 116,

Second Spell Oportunity, Dual stones (118) or Rage (119), i trace the second, as Kana could not use durid spells

Spell Select Hub (134)

Caster Result (174)

144, 228, more Spells, one song from a bard, so the rage did not happen, doesn't matter ^^


Caster Select Hub (197), Sets Specified 1

Caster Result: 234

227, 33 -> that one is the one in the image from Hassat and need [specified 0]


Node 33 checks assets/data/quests/px1_critical_path/px1_cp_qst_forge.quest for end state 0, but does not guard with b_player_party == 0

As i understand that scripted interaction (which is still huge), thats a logic bug and Node 227 needs one more target for when  b_player_party == 1.

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