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[] Ezren, Wand of Enervation, Goblin Warchanter



Device: BlueStacks emulator
OS: Android 5.1
PACG build: (704)

Pass & Play: OFF
Permadeath: OFF
Mode: Story
Party Members: Seoni, Harsk, Lini, Amiri, Sajan, Ezren
Turn Order: per party
Scenario: 5.1
Difficulty: Heroic
Wildcards: Banes +4
Location: Prison

Harsk encountered a Goblin Warchanter at the Prison. Normally I don't bother using weapons/spells or wasting blessings trying to pass the Wisdom check on the GWC, but with banes at +4 the potential damage was too high to risk an unmodified combat roll. Fortunately, Ezren had the WoE and managed to roll 2 for a modifier of 6. He also had Swipe, so I played that too.

Once Swipe had been played the GWC check was reset to 12 (not 9 for the Swipe, not 3 for the Swipe + WoE). So I performed a VRT and when I came back Ezren had become the current character and was encountering an Ogre at the Old Light. "Oh-oh" I thought: "shades of Alu-Demon Sisters/Harpy Monks at Temple!". So I Forfeited the game to avoid the stupidity.

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