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More bugs with Shimmering Veils of Pride Location



Story mode: 6 characters, heroic difficulty at AD5.5, everybody starts at Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony because why not. Wildcard is close quarters(-2 hand size)

Turn 1 starts with Sajan heading to Shimmering Veils of Pride and immediately finds the henchman and defeats it. I play all my blessings to try to close Shimmering Veils of Pride, i tap on the die to proceed with roll. Success, and then game proceeds to recharge cards from other characters (Kyra's/Seelah's Blessing, spells and what not). The very last recharge was from my turn character, Sajan, because of the location power requiring me to recharge a card after i succeed a check. I pressed recharge and what presumably happened is that i obtained the next card in the current location deck. Shimmering Veils of Pride was NOT closed but when I went to check my map all of a sudden Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony was closed. Remember, everybody started there.

I think recharging from other characters interfered with the closing of Shimmering Veils of Pride, but I dunno.

Shimmering Veils of Pride seems to be very buggy and i believe some people already know that they have had their whole hand recharged even when they succeed a roll against simulacrum of vraxeris's recharge ability. I've closed other locations while having to recharge cards from other characters before but never saw a wrong location being closed through this process. So naturally i just assume that Shimmering Veils of Pride is very buggy.

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