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Cannot cancel "Diplomacy" selection on Jordimandus



Seelah encountered Jordimandus and after defeating the summoned monster was offered the choice to go for Diplomacy or Arcane/Combat.  I knew Seelah had an adequate charisma so I considered the Diplomacy option.


Issue #1:

I could not check her power/stats while this option was up.  I wanted to look more closely to see if it was a good idea, but I could not look at anything here.  However, this issue would be a minor UI problem if it weren't for issue #2.


Issue #2:

I selected "Diplomacy" and then got an option to discard.  At this point I was able to check her and realize that while she does have good Charisma, she lacks the Diplomacy skill, so everything would be a d4.  I wanted to cancel and go back to selecting Combat/Arcane but that was not an option.



Given that no dice have been rolled and no hidden information has been revealed, I feel like we should be allowed to undo the choice of Combat/Arcane vs. Diplomacy and make the choice again.


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