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Rimeskull + Stonehead on legendary difficulty



With adjacent movement, if you close a location and all other nearby adjacent locations are closed, there is absolutely nowhere to move and the game is temporarily halted. You can't do anything unless you menu trip out and back in at which when you get back to the game the location power requirement is gone and nobody needs to move therefore the game can progress.

Just a hunch but with this process you may be able to avoid other instances of location powers, especially the disadvantageous ones.

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I had this same issue. I found when I menu-cycled I came back and I was still required to move, but I wasn't forced to move to an *open* location so I could just pick a closed one. Since I had two characters at the location though I had to cycle again for the second one, and that confused things further. I can't remember exactly what happened but eventually I think I moved the same character to another location and then back again and then I progressed.


It seems like two issues to me. One is that no-one has thought through the interaction of legendary difficulty and this scenario's moving power - the correct resolution is that if you're asked to do something impossible then you just don't do it (i.e. don't move). The other is that it gets mixed up (though ultimately in a helpful way) when you menu-cycle.

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