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[1.1.5] Scrying spell now teleports its user

Saint Ajora


Story Mode, Brigandoom, Legendary


Ezren was in the Waterfront when he used Scrying to see the remaining cards of the Prison, which was occupied by Lem. After the effects of the spell were resolved, I realize that Ezren was somehow teleported to the Prison - which is a remarkable feat, since I was playing in Legendary difficulty and the Prison and the Waterfront don't have a connection in this scenario. But, wait! I had a Haste spell in his hand, so in the end of his turn I cast the spell and for my surprise, it didn't let me move Ezren to the Waterfront, as if the game understood he was still there, even that he totally wasn't, as I could see in the map, the icon showing that Lem was in the same location and, of course, in Ezren's background.

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