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Scenario 5.5--Henchman did not shuffle back



In Scenario 5.5 (Into the Runeforge), the villain cannot be accessed until all locations are closed.  If a henchman is defeated, but the location is not closed, the henchman is supposed to be shuffled back into the location.  It did not, and it created an unwinnable situation for me.


I defeated the henchman, failed to close the location, and continued on.  I ran into an ogrekin, who rolled a 4 (return the ogrekin to the bottom of the location deck after the encounter).  This ogrekin then popped up again and again, without re-rolling its ability, so it kept returning to the bottom of the deck, never emptying the location, and never giving me a second opportunity to close it, thus never opening up the location of the villain.


Very frustrating.

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