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Longtooth The Forgetful



So here's the skinny: I am playing this game on an iPhone, which isn't supported by y'all so I understand if y'all are gonna ignore this entirely, but I figured I would try to post this in case people on supported devices are also experiencing this same issue.


I'm playing on story mode scenario 4.1: Sandpoint Under Siege. One of the henchmen is Longtooth and the scenario ability is to summon longtooth every time you encounter a non-hench/non-vill monster. This sometimes will work. Other times I will be encounter a creature, Longtooth gets summoned so I fight him. I'll defeat him, then the gameplay will focus back on the person whose turn it is. However, instead of fighting a monster, the game will think I'm trying to collect a boon like the allying darts or something. I can try to replicate this but it happens occasionally. Things I just thought of that I need to check are number of cards in the originating person's location deck and how many of each type of boon. Maybe the card is getting swapped for another card in th deck. Maybe a new card is getting added. Who knows?

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