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Stutters and Microstutters - (Periodically/Rhythmically)



Hello, I'm experiencing periodic microstutters on 2 systems I have. They are a 980Ti SLI / 6700K and a laptop with a 1080.

They are best described as rhythmic / periodic stutters every 32 seconds on both my systems playing with any setting:


vsync On/Off , Gsync On/Off , Graphics Low/High, 120Hz/60Hz, FrameCap On/ FrameCap Off

The stutters are so annoying gave up playing because I start anticipating them on both my systems which is a real shame.


​I have seen other posts with this same behavior. I timed the stutters with a watch and they occur every 32 seconds.


​I do hope Obsidian sees my post and addresses this issue that is plaguing many users.


​If anyone/Obsidian Devs needs any more information about this problem I will be glad to provide it.

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