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Can't use Vicious Trident's discard effect



...it's just discarding to no effect. See screenshot.


It's also not promoting me to discard another card.

The reveal effect is working correctly though.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Here Comes the Flood, normal difficulty

Pass and play and permadeath both off

Party of Lem and Valeros, both in the Village House

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I have also experienced this today with (of all characters) Seoni! I can reveal then discard a card, but I can't discard the VT to get the benefit.


Here's a sequence of screenies showing Seoni attempting the discard VT, discard another card sequence


post-163870-0-20578000-1479813714_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-37747700-1479813724_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-24611800-1479813734_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-06138500-1479813747_thumb.jpg


BTW, you can't cancel the discard of the VT without using a VRT.

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