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[1.1.5] Black Tower scenario has become unplayable



Device: Samsung Galaxy S6

OS: Android 6.0.1

PACG Build: 1.1.5 (problem started before this patch)


Pass & Play: Off

Permadeath: Off

Mode: Story

Party members: Amiri, Ezren, Seelah, Merisiel

Turn order: Per party

Scenario: 4.3

Difficulty: All (started while attempting legendary after completing normal and heroic but now happens on all difficulties)

Wildcards: N/A

Location: Any

Trigger: Any (probably started by Harpy Monk)


Haven't posted here before (or on any forum in like 10 years), so apologies if I'm messing up with format or protocol or whatnot. Anyway, here's the deal.


After initiating a new Black Tower scenario, placing party members, and getting started, upon attempting my first exploration of the game, here's what happens:


I select the encounter deck, and the card disappears. I get the Encounter or Evade prompt. If I select the sword button to encounter, nothing happens. Furthermore, I can't interact with anything after pressing encounter. If I choose to evade, I can do so successfully, going to the Temple, however on the next turn the whole thing happens again. Going to the Vault and back at any point in this process makes a Harpy Monk card appear, but I'm still unable to do anything. This occurs regardless of whatever card I should be encountering at the top of the adventure deck, as checked by Scrying and Keelah's Crusade ability.


So anyone know what the deal is?

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A similar sort of thing happened to these guys also. 


What seemed to work was deleting the save and reforming a party with your old, experienced characters.  You won't lose your characters or overall story progress, but you will get reset back to only having the Normal Difficulties marked as complete.


Otherwise maybe zip up a copy of your pathfinder saves and post it here for the devs to do a postmortem on.

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