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Used Blessing from bury to recharge Sihedron?



Okay I'll just go over this one step at a time.

1: Blood in the Sand is in effect.

2: Lem is dealt five damage. He discards Sihedron Medallion and Blessing of Norgorber.

3: Blood in the Sand triggers, I choose Blessing of Norgorber to bury.

4: Sihedron's recharge triggers. Blessing of Norgorber returns from bury to discard. Two dice are added to recharge check.


I presume Blood in the Sand must have reversed itself due to Sihedron no longer being discarded, and moving the blessing to discard was interpreted as playing it on the check - but why were *two* dice added?



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, The Fort in Peril on Heroic difficulty

Party consists of Lem and Valeros both in Fort Rannick

I no longer remember what monster it was that dealt the damage, nor whether it was the first explore of the turn.

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Not long after, same game, closing Fort Rannick:

Used Lem's Bardic Performance power, recharging Samisen as the card; this added 2d4(+however much) instead of one. Tried pulling the Samisen back and it retracted one of the d4s but not the Performance bonus, and the power was still disabled as already used.


Edit: hmm, but later in the same game (fighting the villain at the City Gate) I used performance in Samisen again and it worked properly.

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