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To Obsidian and Paradox

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I don't know where to write this, i hope someone will read:


I know Paradox doesn't provide italian translation in any of their products, and this is perfectly reasonable considering they surely do some market research before choosing in which language translate the games...


With one exception: Pillars of eternity.

The game was wonderfully translated and thanks to that, me and lot of friends could really appreciate the game and the huge amount of amazing written (and translated) text. 


I've gifted 2 copies of PoE (so three in total, 150 €) for casual friends, just to raise the market demand.


I have a bad feeling tho, because i'm afraid that PoE 2 won't be translated in our language.


Please don't do that, let us fully enjoy this wonderful franchise. We can raise some additonal money only for that, if you go kickstarter path you can do a strech goal, many of us will pay more of the final price for text in our language.


Thank you

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