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[3.04b] Scepter crush MIN damage is calculated weird



I picked up in a previous discussion that if a "best of" weapon hits for minimum damage, the combat log will flag it as the "wrong" damage type (i.e. enemy is weak against slash, but combat log is showing that I'm using crush...oh, that's because it's MIN damage and so it doesn't matter).


With that said, it appears that the math is all wrong in this encounter.


Using a scepter (best of slash/crush), my PC keeps barking "It's not working". Check the combat log and sure enough I'm doing MIN damage...and it's showing the "wrong" combat type (crush)


...but 16.1 - 14.0DR = 12.6 Crush (MIN)???






As you can see, my PC hit four times for 13 crush damage. Each of those hits is flagged as (MIN). Damage ranges from 13.1-16.1 but always calcs for 12.6 after DR.


PS: Moments later, another encounter with a dank spore - MIN damage is still calculating wierd, but it's no longer consistently producing 12.6 damage.


PPS: MIN crush damage against skeletons seems to be fine. Problem with dank spores, not scepters?

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