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[] Mountain Peak: Discard Lizard, bury card anyway



Device: BlueStacks emulator

OS: Android 5.1

PACG build:


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members: Sajan, Ezren, Seelah, Merisiel, Kyra, Valeros

Turn Order: per party

Scenario: 4.4

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcards: Blood in the Sand

Location: Mountain Peaks

Trigger: Start of Turn Wisdom/Survival check, Discard Lizard


Valeros is pulled to the Mountain Peaks by the frickin' Harpy and on his turn Discards the Lizard "discard to automatically succeed at your non-combat Stealth or Survival check". Then up pops the prompt to Bury a card.



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Yeah, probably. I've almost never used a potion (other than Healing), they are just too situational to carry around or to waste Blessings trying to obtain. The Lizard is the only "auto pass Survival" that I have, but it's interesting that any auto-pass Survival still has a Bury requirement. It's weird that the logic for the test isn't IF(FailTest) THEN Bury(Card), it takes a different path depending on whether you auto-pass or not. It doesn't appear to be the pass/fail on the test itself that's at fault 'cos that triggers all the correct visual indicators.

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