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Sandpoint Under Siege: Progress Locked



Playing Sandpoint Under Siege on Heroic; It's Kyra's turn at Sandpoint Cathedral, and she draws that Hunter enemy that does 1d4-1 damage before you act. Because of the rules of the scenario, Ezren (who is also at the Cathedral) must summon and fight Longtooth. I fail my dex check (of course- Ezren isn't exactly very nimbly-pimbly), and discard the required amount of cards. The game is then stuck- I can open the menus, forfeit, etc., but I can't fight the Dragon.


This seems to be a recurring theme; When encountering an enemy who requires a check from all characters at a location or take X damage, the game seems to freeze after discards. However, it only seems to happen when there is more than one character at a location.

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I should clarify- Ezren discards, Kyra fails the save l and discards, THEN the game locks.


I experienced the same thing on Into the Mountains against the lich king-looking henchman, and I saw a similar post from a fellow forum-goer describing the same situation.

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