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Justice Ironbriar + Yith Hound: Strange Interaction



This is a very strange one so I'll just have to walk through things in sequence I think.


So I encounter Justice Ironbriar, at the Waterfront, with Ezren, alone. The card pops up, the cutscene plays, yadda yadda. Then Ironbriar shunts off to the side, to summon the random monster, and the d4 is rolled to increase difficulty. Which is odd timing for that now I think on it, but it seemed natural at the time. Anyway, he randomly summons a Yith Hound, so it rolls its Wisdom check (I think I passed the first one), I defeat it with a Frost Ray, all is cool.


Then things get weird, and unfortunately I don't remember the exact order things went here. I think what was next though was the recharge check for Frost Ray. So I succeed that, but then instead of facing Ironbriar, the Yith Hound comes back. Except this time, I fail the Wisdom check - and I'm not sure anymore if that's cause or effect of the next bit - anyway, the check to defeat the Hound is now 31. Well that's not right; I check in the side panel and there's a +21 boost from Justice Ironbriar. What?


Anyway, the Hound obviously beats me up, I mirror image away the damage, and then Ironbriar actually faces me, only when he does, it's without his +d4 difficulty, the only difficulty increase is from the Yith Hound's failed Wisdom check. (The erroneous +21 is still shown in the side panel, but it doesn't actually increase the check difficulty.)


But yeah I lost track of whether the Wisdom check on the second Yith Hound had that +21 difficulty increase or not, sorry about that. I'm guessing that the 21 came from my damage to the first Hound, but there's still obviously a lot of weird mixing up going on here.




Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Pass and play, permadeath both off.

Story Mode, party of Ezren, Kyra, and Merisiel

The Cult Exposed on Heroic difficulty, random trait Blood in the Sand

Ezren at Waterfront, Merisiel at Mill, Kyra at Temple

I believe this was the second encounter of the turn but I don't remember what came before.

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Oh, apparently I have A SEQUEL


Same game, everyone still in the same locations. Ezren encounters Ironbriar again, as the second encounter in the turn, the first being some ally he failed to acquire. Encounter or evade, I choose encounter; he summons a Carrionstorm, and immediately rolls a d4 and counts it as my combat roll. It didn't even give me the option to evade!


(Side note: preventing 4 damage with Sihedron Amulet and discarding one card as damage apparently triggers Blood in the Sand, but only gives me the other discarded card as an option to bury?)


Anyway, once the Carrionstorm's damage is dealt with, Ironbriar once again fights without any increased check difficulty, despite the list of effects including a +3 difficulty modifier for him.


(No double monster this time though so that's something! Also, I should probably note I switched off the game several times to write this report, after each of which it needed to reload.)


(Also, apparently discarding two cards from Ironbriar's defeat of me did NOT trigger Blood in the Sand???)

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Wow! Your Mirror Image worked! My success rate with MI is waaaay below 75%, so I never even have an MI in my spellbook. It's a reflection of my suspicion of the randomiser in PACG.


BTW, I recognise the issue with modifiers being displayed in the Current Effects panel, while they aren't actually being applied. I had a similar situation where the +2 for each Henchman killed modifier showed up +6 *and* +8! Fortunately only the +8 was in effect. OBS need to do a *metric ton* of work on that Current Effects panel to make it more (a) accurate and (b) useful ('cos we don't get a full break-down of the Current Effects).

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