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How do i get those "treasure" cards back?

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I lost a wand of enervation due to a bug in game, i'll post how to duplicate it (possibly) in the technical support forum.

I don't know how rare it is to meet one of these but i probably have seen 1 show up but i could be dead wrong and just imagined it. But so far after playing for nearly, i dunno, almost 100 hours i have never seen one show up in a location deck. So is there any real way to get these to show up? Or do i just have to keep playing? I tried to get access to my "box" by simply banishing one of my items so i can grab any item from the "box" in AD4 but it seems i couldn't even find 1 treasure available to be picked.

Am i out of luck right now?

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I lost the Robe of Runes (not due to a bug, just due to my own stupidity when exchanging cards between the decks of characters). Unfortunately, according to the rules of the game, these "Loot" cards are special. There is no way to just randomly encounter them and acquire them that way. Of course in the board game, you could just grab them from the box, but that would be in no way be rules-legal.


The only way to acquire them again is to complete the appropriate scenario again. In particular, that means you have to start a new campaign, with new characters (or at least characters that have not progressed past the point where the particular item you want is awarded).


Note that this means you really have to start a new Story game. You can help speed things along by bringing an experienced character into it - with their late-game equipment and skills, they tend to breeze through the early scenarios. But you can't put them in the party for the first scenario (if you do that, the game will mark all the scenarios the experienced character has completed as completed as well, and you won't get the loot rewards for them), and there needs to be at least one fresh character in the party who hasn't received the rewards already.

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