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Hi, All,


New player here, so maybe I'm missing an important mechanic. I've seen lots of posts on cards to use for different character builds, but I don't know how to build a character quickly with my ideal cards.


As far as I've seen, my character's build is entirely dependent on what items I found on the previous scenario. And if I'm looking for specific cards for my build, I'm going to have to play many many scenarios just to find the cards one at a time (assuming I even find them, with the luck of the draw). And then, if my build isn't working for me, I have to start all over hunting even more cards down to try something else.


Is there a faster way to get cards switched in and out? (Assuming they have been found and are in my vault?)

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I'm afraid you are right. Best way to equip the cards you want is to make 'hunting expeditions', usually with 6 characters on normal difficulty, without worrying about completing the scenario. Focus on the Locations with more boons and use strategies to maximize your chances of acquiring them (place Lem with the others, do not use Seela's power, etc).


Good luck!



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Don't worry too much about having the exact cards you want for a specific build. It's enough to have a general idea of the kind of cards you want, and gradually replace them as you go.

Eg when someone says that a masterwork thieves tools is essential for a certain character, if you want that for your character build, give them a regular theives tools until you get a masterwork one, or just be prepared to spend blessings or spells if you don't have that.

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