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[] Magic Spyglass still not working properly

Saint Ajora


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Could you update the thread title to reflect this please (it makes sure that the devs don't skip the thread)?


I've never used the Spyglass for anything other than its scrying ability! I wonder how long this has gone unnoticed?

It's even worse to notice because, as I said in the previous topic, that's not the common Spyglass, it's the Magic Spyglass. It allows you to look the 3 top cards of the location deck (instead of the usual two of the common Spyglass) and can give you one extra die to Perception checks if revealed (instead of 1d6; it's a double-edged sword, but this is not the place to discuss it).


How I do update the thread title? Can't find any button to edit.

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Yes, I have Magic Spyglass and that "top three" is such a powerful effect that I never use the Perception bonus. Merisiel has one of each of Magic Spyglass, Spyglass and Kohl :) It really makes playing her as an Assassin fun.


To edit the subject of the thread you first hit "Edit" for your first post (I guess you worked that out right :biggrin:), then hit the "Use Full Editor" button and you should find that you have access to the Subject. It might not work exactly like that as the UI seems to be a bit browser-dependant. The other button that you might see IIRC is "More Post/Reply Options"

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