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Nualia + Blood in the Sand = bug?



When you encounter Nualia with the "Blood in the Sand" wildcard power active, if she deals 2 or more damage with her initial "before you act" power, BitS is triggered and you have to bury one of the discarded cards - even though that should not happen, since the description of BitS says "if you discard more than 1 card as damage from a combat check...", and the damage Nualia does on encounter is not the result of a combat check, it is automatic. So that alone should probably already be considered a bug (either the description of BitS is wrong or the implementation).


But it gets worse.


So after you bury one of the discarded cards, the game makes you do a combat check against her - even if there are other characters in the same location that should be dealt her automatic "before you act" damage first! A combat check should only happen after all characters have been dealt her initial damage. But there is one, and this combat check is apparently actually a "fake" one, because whether you win or lose has no effect at all on the outcome of the encounter.


But it gets worse.


After the "fake" combat check, Nualia deals her auto-damage to you again. The game doesn't roll a d4 for this, it just deals the same amount again as it did on the first roll. Note again, this does not depend on whether you've won the combat check, you take this damage no matter what (oddly, though, BitS does not trigger this time). Only then play progresses to the next character on location to be dealt Nualias auto-damage. And the same thing happens again, i.e. if the damage roll is 2 or more, be forced to bury a card, do a fake combat check, be dealt damage again, on to the next char etc.


Now, it is bad enough that being dealt double auto-damage has rendered the scenario nearly unwinnable by stripping your characters of most if not all of their hands (unless you were extraordinarily lucky on Nualia rolling lots of 1s, or prepared specifically for this particular situation with hands full of Sidheron Medallions or Amulets of Life or Armors)...


... but it gets even worse!


Because after all characters on location have been dealt this double damage hand-stripping humiliation conga, play returns to the active character and (s)he will be unable to do anything. Nualia sits face-up on the location deck, you can tap her to examine her, but there is no valid action possible, no way to interact with anything - your only option is to forfeit the game and start the scenario over (and over and over) until you get one without BitS so you can actually complete it. The usual workarounds (exiting to the main menu, restarting the app, etc.) did nothing to resolve this.


Technical details:


    What device type are you on? Android
    What version of the OS are you running? Android 7 (stock)
    What model is the device? Nexus 6P
    What is your PFID#? PFID-37F8FE96F765266B


    Is pass & play on? No

    Is permadeath on? No
    Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story
    Characters in Party: Lem, Lini, Valeros, Merisiel
    Location of each character: all 4 on "Deeper Dungeons"
    Turn Order: Lem, Lini, Valeros, Merisiel
    Scenario & Scenario Difficulty: Thistletop Delve on Legendary

    If on non-normal difficulties, which wildcard powers are in play? Blood in the Sand (obviously) and Driving Rain
    What card was encountered when the issue occurred? Nualia (obviously)
    Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? on the first encounter (no subsequent explores possible)

     What was its resolution? No resolution other than Forfeit
    Did other characters aid the check? No

    Was the encounter a Horde? No


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