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Suggestion for dynamic level design and stealth in Pillars of Eternity 2

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This is simple mocap presentation and suggestion for dynamic level design in Pillars of Eternity 2.



The concept is:

  1. when player interacts with certain objects|artifacts|levers, parts of the map begin to transform
  2. some secrets could be hidden using this perception of the level (for example if player is in switch spot, somewhere else opens secret wall in the level )
  3. this could be part of an environmental puzzle
  4. iteration process can have even more depth; for example turning the switch/lever again, level starts to change  even further; than after final switch turns into starting state
  5. after the switch, some paths and corridors are opened, others are closed and vice versa


  • player must think to achieve some goal, solve the riddle, complete the quest
  • purpose is to think how to reach certain area or item which are unreachable at first
  • exploration value and interesting level design 


Animation of 3D objects can be set  in separate render layer in Unity.

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Stealth mechanics idea


Blue arrow - indicates player's view direction

Red arrow - indicates view direction of enemy A.I. (melee class)

Green arrow - indicates enemy A.I. view direction (spellcaster class)

Yellow arrows - indicate the chosen path of the character


Let's say that quest is to obtain the central artifact in the deepest dungeon.This could be tough and noisy so player sends stealth character (or only character if soloing) to eliminate some of the enemy A.I. (mages if possible).

Enemy A.I. is rotating around their z-axis and player needs to plan carefully when will stealth character dash or sneak behind one of the enemy A.I.

He has multiple paths to choose.


Level of mechanics, athletics and stealth skill could determine how agile the character is and how many enemy A.I. can he eliminate before someone spots him.

Dungeon and guarding room can be even bigger and complex.


Reason for this is to make stealth characters more vulnerable but deadly when carefully planning encounter.

This could be thrilling stealth playstyle.



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