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Remix mini and Bluetooth keyboard Are working with the App!



To my Great surprice and delight I did try out the Pathfinder app with my Remix Mini Computer that is Connected to the TV. And when trying out I did found out that the blutooth keyboard was working. The game did run as expected and I was able to play the game with blutooth mouse.


The dev did a long time ago say that They will invest the posibility to use external keyboards and mouses and so on in the app and it is now actually working. Did I miss the memo or is this feature that has been implemented, but not yet officially approved and tested?

In anyway my combination of Remix mini and Logitech k830 Bluetooth keyboard Are working nicely together!

Does anyone have Remix os in PC? Does the app work in that too?

Does anyone has tried out other external keyboard, mouses or other devices if They Are working too?


For me this was like Cristmast coming early! Able to play game in really bigscreen was marwellous!


Many thanks to devs and maybe to Remix team too! You really make me happy today!

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Yes it is, so that is why I was somewhat surpriced to see it, but most propably this feature has been ready a long, long time. I have seen mouse cursor in the dev video streams so this was just releasing for purpose or accidentally something that was already done.

But still nice to see it working. And it did not seem to cause any extra complications for the rest of the app.

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