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Bug with Ogrekin in Hook Mountain Massacre



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iPad Air 1

iOS 10.0.2

PFID 4666D9B67A4FD3F5


In the Warrens, Seoni encountered an Ogrekin. Game rolled a d4 to see what will happen with Ogrekin. Roll comes out a 3, now game is frozen. Quit out, come back in, game is still frozen - no way to proceed.

I'm seeing something similar to this.  iPad 3, OS 9.5.3.  9.3.5?  Whatever the last version the iPad 3 is getting is.


Every time I encounter the Ogrekin (so far, I've only encountered it in 3.2 on Legendary) the game rolls D4 but fails to proceed to combat.  Quit to menu does not help, nor does restarting the app.  The app is not frozen, but I am required to forfeit and start the scenario over in hopes of getting an instance that does not have the Ogrekin in it.


None of the other giants that I have encountered have shown this issue.


EDIT!  This behaviour is occurring after the upgrade to, and I have seen it occur with rolls of both 3 and 4.

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