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BUG: story mode items disappear.





My problem would be with certain rare items that seem to vanish from the character's hands between adventures in story mode. It happened 2 times with Gale Armor, 1 time with a rare blessing card (Token of serenae i think) and 1 potion ( potion of deftness). The characters were random (kyra, sajan, hrusk). At first it happened when i wanted to transfer some items between characters and went to the deck manager screen. So i tried to avoid that later, but nonetheless the next time i tried to start an adventure and the same screen came up showing that an item is missing again. Although it does not seem to happen all the time, as i still own a Gale Armor that did not disappear. It might have something to do with the fact that the disappearing items were all transfered in the deck manager screen. So as long as i keep the item on the character that originally got it, this occurance can (hopefully) be avoided.


(android OS 5.1.1)

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