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Getting seasick from card animations and battery burn



Hello, when playing on a larger tablet the battery drain is very bad, possibly because of all the tiny background animations going on in the background and the high res screens not being able to keep up with it. Turning effects to 'off' helps minimally here, because it only seems to affect extra animations like the goblins torch heat on the title screen.


1) If there could be an option to turn off all non-action animations i am betting that would make things much smoother here and the load on battery less. I am talking about things like firefly and mist/fog in the wallpaper of the active location, shrine torches and stuff. Could this be made into static image?


2) the images on the individual cards breathe or pulsate slowly, this makes me a bit queasy and i am guessing adds to processing load. I would love to see this disabled.


I pay for this game and it is a wonderful translation of card version, thank you and please help! Cheers

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