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[1.1.4] "Before You" effects don't trigger on AD4.1 heroic



AD4.1 = Sandpoint Under Siege


The scenario power wording for heroic says "...When you encounter a non-villain non-henchman monster, a random character at an open location summons and encounters the henchman Longtooth".


When playing on this difficulty (and I assume legendary as well based on the same wording) any enemy that has a "before you act" roll completely ignores it after the random character has fought Longtooth.  I went up against at least 2 enemies (possibly more) that have that BYA text and neither of them required I perform the roll.  Specifically, they were Bunyip (Lem fighting) and Harpy (Harsk fighting).  


Also, Ezren encountered a Hag and played Scorching Ray and should have rolled to allow it, but the Hag was feeling generous apparently.


Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/VMdUn


Playing a 6 party group (Valeros, Lem, Kyra, Sajan, Harsk, Ezren) with Full Packs wildcard.  Huawei Nexus 6P with Android 7.0.  PFID: F75AADCF9BD598C9

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