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Crash on (probably) specific dice skin



Ever since the first time I opened my dice collection in the vault/gallery, the game crashes (just closes without any further warning) when I scroll too far down. Not too big of a problem, I thought, although it's a pity I can't see all the available dice skins.


Then when I got a new dice skin in a treasure chest, the game crashed when I clicked on the bag, and now it crashes every time I so much as open the dice collection.


I assume dice you own are moved to the top, so I'm guessing that whatever I got from that chest was the skin (or type of skin) that causes the problem. However, I have no idea which it is. I also never counted the dice that I could see before the game crashed, but it was probably around 10 and they were all plain colours. I own one white and one teal (? not sure if that's the name but can't check) set.


It's entirely possible that my phone is so crappy that it can't handle the fancier dice skins - in that case I'll just have to make do with the default one until I can buy a new phone! However, I thought it'd be useful to report, and maybe there's a solution after all :)


Device type: Android

OS version: 4.0.4

Model: Wolfgang AT-AS45SE


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An update because the latest patch notes (1.1.5) mentioned a possible fix.


I've recently borrowed a friend's old phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note II running a rooted version of Android 5.1.1) which not only solved my increasingly ridiculous battery life problems but also the dice issue mentioned above. On the Samsung I can view and use all dice skins without a problem. I know now that the troublemaker - the one that I got in a treasure chest - was Blue Steele. After switching to the new phone, I got a Lapis Lazuli set as well.


When I saw the update, I put my SD card back into the old phone to check the update, and I'm sad to report that the problem persists. The game crashes as soon as I click the dice button in the Gallery.


That being said, it's not a problem for me any more because I can borrow this Samsung until I'm able to buy myself a new phone.

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