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Let's take some damage


Device: LG VK810 4G tablet
System: Android 4.2.2

ID: Kiirnodel #5932

Quest Mode: Heroic

Modifiers: Defeating an Undead deals all heroes at your location 1 poison damage; When you defeat a monster, roll 1d6, on a 1 take 1 Fire damage.

Villain/Henchmen: Rogors Craesby; Zombie Minions


First up, just want to say that those two modifiers are a seriously obnoxious combo. Seriously? automatic damage plus a chance to take more on top of that? I'm real glad this bugged out or else I would have been screwed over just by having a bad combination here.


I had a strange situation with those damaging effects. I almost never took the Poison damage, the effect would animate (poison-y looking skull, with damage sound effect) but it would immediately start rolling for the check for fire damage and it would just pass by the fact that there was unresolved poison damage.


However, and I couldn't isolate what was happening, there were two times where the game popped up another roll of a d6 (with a +1 being added) and it gave me another hit of damage. Worst part, it wasn't doing a check for damage, that d6+1 was the damage! The first time I had been looking away, and I thought I somehow rolled really low on my check, because I was taking 5 damage. The second time, I was watching, but the animations moved so fast that just all of a sudden it was rolling a d6 and displaying the "+1". Then it said I took 7 damage! And I'm pretty sure it was considered combat damage, because I was able to mitigate with armor cards (luckily).


Just super weird things going on. I was able to win the scenario in the end (mostly because of the lucky bugged interaction where I didn't take any damage if the Fire damage didn't trigger). But also had some lucky cases where the damage ended up hitting only on my character that had a Ring of Protection.



As far as the combo of Wildcards go, any chance we could get something that limits which ones pop up with each other? Because that combo if it was working correctly would be seriously harsh.

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I'v commented myself (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88989-general-widely-varying-difficulties-at-heroic-and-legendary/?do=findComment&comment=1841045) on the wide range of difficulty presented by Wildcard/Scenario combos. They really do seem to allow all combinations and generate them completely randomly, which can lead to Legendary Scenarios where the only "penalty" is that you don't get to collect any loot all the way up to massively tough Henchmen plus loads of unblockable damage and all checks are +N. The only combo that I don't think that I've seen is Painful Memories with Full Packs.

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