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Merisiel sneak attack bug



I made a post about this bug in another section but I think it deserves to be here.

So what happens is I activate sneak attack. Now i have to choose a card and then choose either recharge or discard. After pressing either option i pressed the undo button on the left (red X). The cards i used for the character are supposed to return to me, but the card recharged or discarded through sneak attack just floats there. Now i'm aware you can just drag the card back to the hand but the fact that it doesn't come back to my hand automatically is a bug in itself.

Now here's the gambreaking part, you can recharge the cards and since they don't come back to your hand you can keep on doing this until you have no cards in hand. After the turn ends to draw cards, the recharged cards get put back and you can draw an entirely new hand. Also this method you can potentially avoid high damage from unexpected losses from the fight.


Of course i wouldn't use the beneficial bug to my advantage but new players would seeing as they might not have a clue what just happened there.

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