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As I understand it, DoT effects gain power the lower your Int.  So would 3 Int be optimal for a Persistence Ranger?


I realize Stunning Shots would be gimped with 3 Int.  But thinking about it, with zero or close to zero recovery, would even this be significant?  And what else, really, does a non-Stormcaller ranger need Int for?


A related question.  I'm thinking of running a Persistence Ranger and Stormcaller Chanter pairing on a PoTD party run-through.  Can't find anything on these threads about a Stormcaller Chanter.  I know both Ranger & Cipher will get better use of the bow, but what's the gen on a Chanter?


RP-wise, I'm thinking of a Stormsinger-type from Kaedrin's NWN2, back in the day. 

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Only wounding and wounding shots are "better" with low INT. Meaning the overall damage is not influenced by INT at all. So with less INT, you deal the damage in a shorter time.


All other DoT effects get stronger (deal more damage) with more INT . For example Envenomed Strike, Deep Wounds, DoT spells and so on.


So, a ranger with 1 INT may be possible and his wounding damage from Persistence or Wounding Shot will be applied nearly instantly compared to a ranger with 18 INT where it will be applied over several seconds.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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