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Is this a bug? Can't take back recharge/discarded cards with undo option.

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So I only have 2 default characters the game starts you off with and there are times where when i want to recharge/discard (and hopefully not bury/banish) a card and then hit the undo button but the card is not refunded.

For example: I want to sneak attack with merisiel. I tap the button and it will ask me to either recharge or discard any card i have tapped on. Sometimes when i select either one and then hit the undo button on the left side (the red X) to take back all my cards for that character, the card i recharged or discarded isn't put back into my hand, instead it just floats there if discarded or recharged.

This seems gamebreaking and actually gives you an advantage and i'm not too familiar with the rulebook since i only just started this game.

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Yep you can drag it back but it is indeed a bug because if you don't then the cards get whichever one you picked, discarded or recharged. This means you can recharge and draw a whole new hand if needed, or potentially avoid a high amount of damage from an unwinnable fight.

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