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Effigy's Resentment: Devil of Caroc DR Penetration

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Additional DR penetration seems pretty straightforward but I prefer to be certain. So...


Is there anything this DR penetration does not apply to?


Does the DR penetration apply before or after the 1/4 DR division for the (two?) different kinds of DoTs, lashes, and anything similar I may be forgetting? I assume before but you never know how stuff really works until you test it with games like this.


Any other situations where the DR penetration might not behave intuitively?

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I guess it behaves like the "universal" 3 DR bypass that Ryona's Vembraces give you. Those work with all targeted attacks but not with AoE effects (here I mean circles and cones). BUT it works with every spell that has a long narrow AoE that isn't a cone. For example it will apply to Minor Missiles or Rolling Flame or Mind Lance and Necrotic Lance's initial damage and so on, but it doesn't work with Blast, Fireball, Sacred Immolation - such things.


I guess - didn't test it though. But I would be surprised if it worked differently.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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