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[1.4.1] Quest catch up on rewards of Feat(s) hits progression break



This has the same symptoms as the 1.3.1 reported here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89301-bug-role-unlock-power-feat-unlock/. However, it is on 1.4.1 and it only happens (so far) on the second set of Power Feats that I assign.


Party of Four. Ezren and Lini have Power Feat + Power Feat and Harsk has Power Feat (poor old Merisiel didn't level up). I successfully assigned Power Feats for Ezren, Lini and Harsk and then hit the Progress button and came back to assign Power Feats for Ezren and Lini. At that point the Feats screen didn't work (no scrolling, no power select) though I could switch character and hit other Buttons (so I could get to the Main Menu and exit).


Exiting and returning just loops through the end of scenario rewards screen and hits the problem again. Quest mode now dead in the water without a SLOT99 delete, but I'd hit the same problem with the next level up.

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Hello mccrispy,


Do you happen to remember which levels your characters reached exactly?

Level 39. Ezren and Lini have Power Feats missing from some time ago because they were affected by the "failed scenario" feat-related bug. So when they hit level 39 the retrospective fix for that bug granted two Feats at the same time.


FWIW Of my 12 Questing characters that are level 38 at the moment Lini, Ezren and Valeros are missing a Power Feat, while Kyra and Seelah are missing Card Feats. So clearly this is going to take some time to resolve and there's 5 characters that I can't risk playing if I decide to delete SLOT99 so that I can at least play the game to earn sufficient gold to unlock AP4.


If you want my saved games and any other information I can post it if it's going to help fix the issue (even if it's only moving forward rather than fixing my current problem)

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I have posted the saved files, but I've deleted SLOT99 on my device so that I can level up my characters that aren't missing Feats. I can confirm that all characters that I've levelled to 39 or 40 and that haven't previously missed a Feat have levelled up correctly. I'm going to try the two characters that are missing Card Feats to see whether the issue is with gaining two Feats, or just with gaining 2 Power Feats.

SAVED GAME PowerFeatBug-2016-10-06.zip

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