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Another adventure down. Seelah still top of the heap

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  • Role Card: Hospitalier
  • Skill Feats: Str+2, Wis+3
  • Power Feats: +1 hand size (total 5), Crusade, Ceaseless Crusade, Inspired Grace, Iomedae's Benediction, Healing Hands, Inheritor's Favor
  • Card Feats: Weapon 3, (+2) Spells 3, Armor 3, Item 0, (+1) Ally 3, (+2) Blessing 8
  • Weapons: Mokmurian's Club, Shock Glaive + 1, Bastard Sword + 1
  • Spells: Scrying, Major Cure, Restoration
  • Armors: Elven Breastplate, Breastplate of Fire Resistance, Steel Ibis Lamellar
  • Items:
  • Allies: Poog of Zarongel, Father Zantus, Evangelist
  • Blessings: 4 Blessing of Iomedae, 2 Favor of Iomedae, 2 Blessing of Gozreh

I posted a few weeks ago talking about how overpowered Seelah is (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89239-seelah-is-far-and-away-the-best-all-around-character-thusfar/) and she has only gotten better.


Healing Hands The additional power has let me select her signature specialization ability, and now I'm considering dumping healing spells entirely for more utility. Trading a single blessing to heal is just icing on the cake for this juggernaut and I can't wait to see what kinda cards I get from opening chests in the next few weeks.


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