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Story Mode Stuck & Crash




My story mode game has been stuck for several weeks now. I'm on mission 3-4 at the part where I'm supposed to be able to recharge a card from my discard pile after closing the prison. I could see my cards in the discard pile and I could double tap to view them but no other buttons work. Can't choose a card, can't click off, can't forfeit, nothing. Totally stuck. I was hoping the new update would fix it but now it just crashes the app every time I try to load that game. I've restarted my iPad, deleted and reinstalled the app, gone to the store, everything but no dice. I REALLY don't want to start this game over. Any help would be appreciated.

IPad 3
Mission 3-4 Battle at the Dam
4 character party (Ezren, Merisiel, Kyra, Valeros)
Latest patch (10/4/16)

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