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Purchase didn't go through, vanished.



I just updated the game on my iphone ios 10 and saw that with the update was a special deal called "Buried treasure" in the store for 4.99 for 20000 gold. I attempted to purchase it, however my appleID timed out and it said, "Failure to connect AppleID" and closed out. When I relaunched the game store, the option to purchase the Buried treasure deal was gone. I don't think my card was charged and I didn't receive the gold but now the deal is gone and I cannot even attempt to purchase it again. I'd like to make that purchase.


My in-game userID is:


Leskaat #6211



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Hey Leskaat,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. It looks like in the iOS 10 update, Apple removed the Gamecenter App and created a new ID. 


Please refer to Ethics Gradiant work around and see if that brings back your game account with your old data. 





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I have a very similar issue, however when I selected the special deal "Buried Treasure" I did not attempt to purchase.  When I came back after opening some chests with my previously-earned gold, the "Buried Treasure" was missing completely.  I have tried opening the app on my iPhone and iPad signed in on my account.  I have tried reinstalling and opening though the Gamecenter App.  Nothing will make the "Buried Treasure" IAP appear in the store.


My in-game userID is: Nathanamus #2214


Please let me know if I can supply any additional information.  Thank you for any help you can provide Aarik!

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