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Quest Mode level-up glitch



iPad Air 2

iOS 9.3.5 (13G36)



Short form, Quest mode leveling up to 39 freezes up on the Power tab after choosing the power feat.


Longer form:

Have had a Quest mode group waiting to level-up to 39th for a few weeks, waiting for the patch to come out (as previously when I tried to level them up I couldn't choose a Role :-( )


Now when I go to the Victory screen it does finally say "+ Power Feat Unlocked /  + Roles Unlocked  / + Power Feat Unlocked"  :-)



1) My first power feat must be the last power feat possible for the basic characters  (in the card game that feat can be the first one of the role)

     - I am not certain if this is one of the changes between the app and the card game though.

2) Definitely a problem, once I have chosen the first power feat I then get to choose the Role and choose the second power feat from the role list all AOK for each character, hit the triangle to move on and then ...

it kicks back to the Powers tab (for Valeros in my case), frozen at the location that I chose his last power feat :-(


All I can do at this point is head back to the main menu.


If I choose Quest mode again I head back to the Victory screen and begin the level-up sequence from the beginning again, with it freezing at exactly the same point :-(








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apologies for the delay :-)


Image #1 is of the screen I get on hitting lvl 39


Image #2 is of the first feat selectoin screen (no Roles choices)


Image #3 is of the scren after I choose the Roles and second feat for all of the characters - it has kicked back to Valeros and his screen will not scroll, all I can do is go back to menu


Thanks :-)

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I am having same issue. Harsh has spell, and 2 power feat unlocked. I can select the first feat but not a second. Nothing is selectable except switching tabs. And flipping back and forth on the tabs does not solve. Only option is back to main screen, which just starts the process over.

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