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Vanishing cards from deck



I just hit some sort of very strange bug that I'm still trying to work out (in terms of how it happened and what is or isn't recoverable).


I was replaying the Black Magga scenario (forget the name) on Legendary difficulty. Accidentally hit the Store button, went to the Store, and couldn't get back into the scenario. Not fun, but been through unresolvable bugs before. I delete the party and restart.


Partway in, I realize something weird - Kyra's got an unusually small deck for a character who's completed every scenario. So I check my party. Every character is missing cards in their deck (including some Loot). Overall, I've lost - from a six-character party - five weapons, four spells, three armors, three items, six allies, and five blessings.


I've run into bugs before, and can handle it, but the loss of this number of acquired boons has a pretty big impact on my enjoyment of the game.


Anyone run into anything remotely resembling this before?

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