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Best way to get dice roller to work?





What doesn't work: hold and flick the die.

Touch the die and move.

Swipe the screen, hitting the die.

Shaking the screen (ok this was a long shot).

Restarting app. 


As my character is down to 2 cards with 3 locations remaining would really like to get 1 cure spell off. 

Approach to Thistiletop where all your (goblin-every bane I've come across so far has this trait) foes gain +4 to difficulty.  I know it says d4...but only 4's have come up, which is something I've mentioned in another thread.  So have to roll 4 dice to have a better than 30% chance of beating anyone, which means a lot of discarded blessings, as Seelah drew her weapons right off the bat in succession when using Inspire, so fighting with no weapons. 


Or when you are down to a few cards does Cure no longer work?


EDIT: Never mind, I'll uninstall the app and try again after re-installing.  


Yay, it worked.  Hate to do this every single time, but it's the only way I've that consistently works.   Nope it didn't, the die flew off the screen and now the game is only letting me cancel the cure....no actually the red X is there but clicking it does nothing other than making it blink...can still view cards...but game is now locked.

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I get the "can't get the dice to roll" issue reasonably often. I also get "can't drag the cards" too. When this happens, it's time for a VRT (Vault Round-Trip). That usually works, but sometimes this inability to get the UI to respond to drag/swipe is a precursor to a UI freeze. If it is, I just kill the App (I'm on Android). A reinstall shouldn't be necessary.

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