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Random encounter on Daily Quests = frustration

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Hi there,


I must say that I'm a fan of the Daily Quests, and I try to complete them every day, if possible. That said, I must also say that the "Soft Company" one (Valeros had to beat the Shopkeeper's Daughter) is, by far, the worst you have created. You can play the game a dozen times with Valeros alone, on the most barrier-heavy of the scenarios, and end up finding this barrier zero times.


The Daily Quests are supposed to be challenges, sometimes easier and sometimes harder to beat, but they must be fun above anything else. And trying to find a card that can never show up might be as fun as rolling 6 d12 at the same time, over and over again, until you simultaneously obtain a 12 in all...


But maybe I shouldn't focus on the negative - so, if you want to know my opinion on what quests are the most interesting, just ask me, ok? ;-)





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I don't bother with DQs, but I can see how that can be frustrating. One thing I can say is - you shouldn't only play in barrier-heavy locations, you should make sure you're playing an AD1 scenario (the Daughter is AD1 iirc; if I'm mistaken - make that AD scenarios); anything higher than that adds all barriers from higher AD and really waters down your chances.


Also, make sure you're carrying your trusty Crowbar...

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Daily Quests could be a really cool part of the game, but it just misses the mark in a few ways.  I agree that a random encounter quest turns it into a very slow and tedious lottery.  I skipped that particular quest.


Only having a single quest slot and the quest expiring every 24 hours also forces a very specific schedule (other games do stuff like 3 quest slots, quests never expire, can get at most 1 new quest per day).  Lastly, the rewards seem low compared to just playing the game.  In Magic Duels, a good quest is worth 8 games against the AI on hardest level.  In Pathfinder a legendary story scenario with 4 characters is worth 250 gold, which is more than any quest I can recall.


It's a shame, because a good quest structure that encourages you to play outside your comfort zone can really enhance the game.

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