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Role and power bug, requires character deletion



I have found a duplicatable bug that screws your character to the point of requiring deletion.


You must first complete the story mode (only on normal, higher difficulties don't need to be done, you need access to all stages.)


At this point, you can play the stages in any order. After that add a new character to the party, that has not played the final set of areas (hook mountain massacre). If you play the areas out of order, and play the 4th stage last (battle at the dam), once the after battle sequence occurs, you will choose a power for beating e dam, then you will choose a role for beating the scenario, then you will go back to choose a second power as a scenario reward.


However, you can't select the power.


You can make the game playable again by deleting that particular game save from the menu, however, this leaves the affected character with stages 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.5 complete. Any replay of 4.4 will once again create this problem.


If you play those 4 stages before the dam, it becomes impossible to ever choose a role.

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Hello, I just get the same issue with Kyra, I finished campain not in order and now, I can see role selection but I can t click on a power feat, I can't pass. So my story mode is blocked.

Any idea ?

Either wait for an update and hope this gets fixed (unlikely since there hasn't been much response here), or delete your character and start over.

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The Devs are purportedly working on a retroactive fix for the problem with Quest characters that missed out on Feats due to the bug with failed scenarios. Hopefully they're smart enough to implement the fix for all characters (or - even better - the architecture is such that fixing it for quest fixes it for story)

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I am having a similar problem.  I did the scenarios in the third adventure in Story mode out of order, such that Kyra, Seelah, and Merisiel played Here Comes the Flood last.  At the end, I got the Role selection screen and was able to select Roles for all three, and then clicked next and went through the deck reorganization screen, and then got back to the main screen and thought, "wait, what about my new power feat?"


Turned out, only Seelah had one, and it was not the one I would have chosen.  All three had their Roles, but that's it.  Now maybe what happened was, I was clicking around looking at various feats while deciding which Roles to take, and when I clicked next, I got whatever feats happened to be highlighted at the time, and only Seelah had a new one highlighted.  If this is the case, it didn't occur to me that Role choice and feat choice both had to be set before clicking next, and the game did nothing to stop me.  So it might be partially my fault.


But the thing is, getting a Role and getting that first new unlocked power feat is arguably the high point of the game, the part most players look forward to most eagerly.  Even more than winning the final scenario, because it opens up new possibilities instead being just the end.  I am totally disheartened at this point.  I only have time to play one scenario a day on average, so starting Kyra and Merisiel over -- no, just no.  I really hope there is a way to fix this, because I want to play the rest of the game, and right now I just can't even bring myself to play it.


Oh, and I also realized later that I got none of the allies as a reward for Here Comes The Flood.  FWIW.


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