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Cannot advanced past Burnt Offerings



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Can you send a picture of that screen?


Most likely you have characters that have !-mark above them because They have too Many cards. You have to remove extra cards from them before you can continue.

You remove cards by dragging the to the bottom of the page. It does say something like 5/3 for weapons, so you have to remove two of them in this example case. Check all card types and Also if someone has cards that would be more usefull for someone else.

Also some characters may miss cards. 1/2 for weapons for example. So you have to move an extra weapon to them to fill that Empty slot.

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I've purchased the bundle deal for Pathfinder Adventures for Android and I've completed Burnt Offerings 1-5.  I'm now stuck at the Deck screen and cannot advance for my current party.

What do I need to do to access the next campaign?

 Hey Braenwolfy any chance you can send me your PFID so I can take a look?


You can find it by hitting the Options button at the main menu and then hitting the settings button. You'll see the Ver number and the PFID under that window.

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Ok. Lini seems to have too Many spells, so you have to remove one of them.

Then you have to give that spell to Seoni because she has too few of them. Then you should be able to press the arrow icon and fill the Empty slots to the rest of the characters.

Good eye. Hannibal is correct here!


The game rules state that you have to try and build a legal deck from cards you have obtained first. As you now have an extra spell card in your pool and a character needs a spell card for their deck you must first assign them a spell card. The blue arrow should then light up and you'll be able to proceed.

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