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From the eyes of a new phone player

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 As someone without a tablet and an avid player of the physical game I can't explain the amount of fun I have been having playing this game.  It is a wonderful representation of the physical game and I'd even argue it makes me not want to play with the real cards (playing with multiple characters on different adventure numbers is annoying for deck building!).  When I first got the game I couldn't put it down despite the few visual issues like cards covering things.  Having the daily gold and challenges gives me a reason to log in every day.  This game is exactly what i was looking for in a mobile game experience and the only thing that could make it better would be asynchronous multiplayer!


I see lots of negativity on here about the game and it's release schedule for new content.  I'm sure it must have been frustrating waiting so long for something that was very likely delayed because Obsidian was trying to update the game for phone players.  Keep in mind however I would bet the number of phone players has got to be greatly higher than tablet players.  This means if more players are playing and spending money that it can only help Obsidian.  This in turn means the game can continue to be developed in the future.  So hopefully getting the phone version ready was just a small speed bump in life of this game!


In short, thanks Obsidian for your work in making one of my favorite games into a wonderful mobile experience that will hopefully only get better in time!



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I thought your subject line had more to do with the amount of eye strain this game causes while played on cell phone.  I developed really bad eye twitches after playing this game too much on my phone.  I had to put it down and restrict my usage greatly.  Luckily I picked up an ipad recently. :)


But I agree with you that I love this game. I enjoy it probably too much!

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