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multiple breakdown issues starting with Barlbreakbone



IPAD IOS 10.0.1




Playing quest mode, tier 3, with 4 characters. Since I had previously played to tier 4 with 4 characters but discarded them because they had missed a card feat, I had the statue to look at 5 cards for a monster (on Lemm). Barl Breakdown shows up as villain. These were each of the 1st moves with my characters.


starting off: I could proceed only if I skipped the review when Barl shows up. So I never found out who the henchmen were.


1. The first encounter was with Ezran. This deck was the one with 1 monster and explore again if you don't find a spell. Picked up two spells and on the third, it asked me if I wanted to close. I never encountered a henchman. I said yes to do something (should not have done that!). Now desk is closed but no idea who the villain was.


2.... then an encounter with fighter. no problem. This deck is the one of the banish an ally if is discarded


3.... Harsk encounters enchanter. no problem. This deck is defeat the trap to close.


4. Lemm fought one monster (won). Then used the statue to look through five cards and find a monster in those 5. Even though this was supposed to be a full deck short of the monster Lemm killed, there were only 3 cards displayed in the deck. The deck counter number was correct.


I exited the game. Things are starting to look really bad and I didn't want it to get worse. All 9 of my toons (I bought the bundle) are at level 31. Harsk and Lemm are both at level 30.


I'm trying to figure out how to get you my game files.

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