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Seventh Sea CRPG Kickstarter


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Oh, but this is a dream come true if it is funded and turns out well. The Seventh Sea is one of the finest table top RPGs to ever see the light of day. Unfortunately published towards the twilight days of PnP rpgs, it was never met with great commercial succes. But apparantly they got it going again as a kickstarter project, which I've got to look into as well. Imagine a cross between Pirates! and Warhammer RPG and you've got a good idea about the setting.


So, when I stumbled across this, I decided to drop a post here, in the vain hope that we can get this thing off the ground and going. :)




Fantasy pirates in a grim and dark world? What's not to love!

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Played 7th sea card game many years ago, probably about 17. Fun and interesting, but didn't last long if I got it right in my head. I'd look at the finished product, but I'm kickstartered out for the time being. Will keep an eye on it and might even throw some coin at it somewhere along the line. Still waiting for the full release of Torment which I backed some time ago.

As a bear in winter, so must I too hibernate soon.

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